Sunday services - WE HAVE MOVED!

What are service times?

In-Person: 9 and 10:30 am
We recommend you arrive 10 minutes early so you can have plenty of time to find your way around. This is especially a good idea if you have kids, so that you can check them in and make sure they’re all set before heading into the worship experience.

Where should I park and enter?

Parking is located all around the building. You can enter through the Main Entrance or you can park on the side of the building and come in through the mini golf gate. Either way, you’ll come into a lobby and/or café, not in the middle of the worship service.

I smell coffee?

Yep! We have drip coffee stations throughout the lobby and a full service cafe for you. We run on coffee, so we get the good stuff and have direct relationships with the growers and roasters to ensure you can feel good about the coffee you are drinking!

Where do I go once I'm inside?

The best place to get started is at the “Start Here” counter in the main lobby. There’s a big sign … you can’t miss it! We’ll welcome you and answer your questions and direct you where to go from there. Don’t worry – we don’t want to do anything to make you feel uncomfortable as a guest. We won’t make you introduce yourself in service or wear an “I’m new!” button. We just want to meet you and make sure you have everything you need to get started on your journey with Discovery.

OUR Location

As of March 21, we are now at our new facility at 3940 Excel Road on the east side of Manhattan. We love being a part of the Green Valley community!