CV Men

A kingdom man is the kind of man that when his feet hit the floor each morning the devil says, "Oh crap, he's up!" 

- Tony Evans, Kingdom Man


According to Eldredge, there are three desires written deeply in the hearts of men. A battle to fight, an adventure to live, and a beauty to pursue. This may not be obvious if you look at many men today, so don't. Look at boys instead. Most 7 or 8 year old boys are fighting battles and living an adventure all day long! As they grow into their teens, the battles and adventures continue and then the beauty shows up and sets the boy's world on its head. Unfortunately, by their 30's and 40's most men have "settled down" and only fight battles, live adventures, and pursue beauty in their fantasies or at the local golf course. 

The goal of CV MEN is not to turn back time to the days of a man's youth. Our goal is to reawaken the heart of a man and help that man live the life that God has planned for them from the beginning of time. To turn their hearts fully to God and find their fulfillment there.

To help remind us of our goal, the CV MEN slogan is "Fighting the battle. Living free." Most of us think of a slogan as a catchy marketing phrase to help us remember a product. But in its historical context, a slogan was a a Scottish Highland war cry! Think of the movie Braveheart with blue-face warriors with absolutely no fear. That is the kind of men CV MEN is hoping to release on the world. Men totally sold out to fight for their King!


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