OUr services | 8:15, 9:30 & 11am

UPDATE (8/19) - Children's ministry is essential ministry! CV Kids is back and offering full children's ministry classes with safety precautions on Sunday mornings.

From our entire church family, welcome to Crestview. We are glad that you are thinking about coming to visit us! 


Each of our in-person services will be streamed live on Facebook, simply go to crestview.info/facebook to find the live video that begins about 10 minutes prior to the start of each service. You will not need a Facebook account to watch, but an account is necessary to comment during the service. We put much effort into making our online experience the best it can be: multiple cameras, lighting, sound mixing and onscreen graphics... it is a more than just holding up a phone and hitting the record button. And since you are joining us from your living room, feel free to wear pajamas and bring your pets!


We are back together in-person, but with a few changes! This is what you can expect on your first Sunday in-person:

Parking and front door - When you pull up to the parking lot, make sure you hang a right to find the "guest parking." Even if you are running behind, you will be sure to find a place to park! As you walk through the front door, you will be warmly welcomed by our greeter team... we have pushed "pause" on handshakes and high fives, but they will be glad you came. If you left home without a mask, then you are welcome to take a disposable mask from the lobby... you will also see several hand sanitizing stations in all the right places.

Worship Center - Our worship services are designed for all people, no matter what stage of faith they are in, to be able to worship God and learn more about him. During every service, we sing contemporary, God-centered worship songs and listen to a message containing Biblical truths which are applicable to your life situation. As far as seating is concerned, there is plenty of room. We have taken out every other row to ensure that families are properly distanced. In the event that a service meets capacity, we are more than prepared to open our overflow area. 

Touch-free environment - The service is designed to be completely touch-free. Instead of a bulletin, we have moved all communication online! You are encouraged to bring your phone or tablet to find more information about upcoming events at crestview.info and follow along with the message at crestview.info/bible Instead of passing offering bags, we have boxes near the two doors of the worship center for physical donations and we encourage online giving at crestview.info/give If you are joining us as a guest, please do not feel obligated to give, we are more than thrilled that you have chosen to join us. Each week, we recognize the sacrifices of Jesus by observing communion. Instead of passing communion, you will be offered individually wrapped communion cups on your way into the worship center. We have thought of everything!

Masks - Let's face it, no one likes masks! However, you will see all of our greeting team members, church staff and volunteers wearing masks. Almost every person who walks through the doors will be wearing masks. For those people who come without a mask, they will be warmly welcomed like every other person... we will never turn people away from our gatherings for any reason. Our worship team members remove their masks to sing, but they have plexi-glass shields in front of their microphones to serve as a barrier just as a mask would.

Kids - Children are more than welcome to attend with their parents. Look for individual coloring packets as you enter the worship center. If your little one gets a little squirmy, then you are also welcome to finish watching the service from the TV in the lobby.

Dress code - Do not worry about what to wear to Crestview; we are a casual church. You will feel at home whether you are wearing your favorite jeans or something dressier. God does not care what you wear, and neither do we!


Crestview is located about 2 miles north of Manhattan on Highway 24, on the west side of the road just before the Tuttle Creek Lake dam. Use the map below for directions from your location.

Future Location

Crestview is in the process of building a new facility at 3940 Excel Road on the east side of Manhattan. We plan on joining the Green Valley community in March of 2021.