Green Valley

Neighborhood Walk

Hello Neighbor!


We've been looking forward to our move to the Green Valley community for quite a while and now we're just a few short months away! The construction process at the corner of Excel and Elk Creek road is really moving along and we expect to be in our new building beginning in March of 2021. With that said, we're not waiting until then to join the neighborhood! As you know, Oliver Brown Elementary is making a lot of headway on their own building project and we have an idea of how our community can be a blessing to the children as it opens next fall: the Green Valley Neighborhood Walk on Sunday, October 4 from 5-6pm

This is different than most "fun runs" you may have attended in the past with hundreds of people gathering together in one place to raise money for a cause. With Covid in our community that's just not practical, so we're getting a little more creative. We're encouraging everyone in the Green Valley area to go for a walk in your own neighborhood. That's right! On Sunday, October 4 at 5pm, put on your walking shoes and go for a walk on a beautiful fall evening. As you lap the streets, be sure to wave at friends and neighbors as you see them. If you want a destination, then head to your neighborhood's park for some free Popsicles!

So how does this benefit the new elementary school? Good question! The attenders of Crestview will be donating money online prior to the walk and we're inviting you to join us. We assure you that every dollar collected will be given as a gift from our Green Valley community to the future Oliver Brown Elementary PTO. Can you imagine how great it will be to bless the PTO with that gift on the day it begins? They will be able to start using that money to benefit our kids and teachers from day one. It's exciting to think about.


There is more information and details below, and I hope that you'll join us on October 4. See you on the streets!

Devin Wendt

Lead Pastor


Register for the walk and donate to the future Oliver Brown Elementary PTO here.

Questions you might have:

Do you have to donate in order to walk?

No way! If you're not in a place to give, then still please join us on the walk.

Where will the Popsicles be? 

We'll have a families from Crestview handing out free Popsicles at the parks of the following neighborhoods: Timber Creek 1, 2, 3, Eagles Landing, Elbo Creek Estates, Whispering Meadows and Lake Elbo (tentative). And in Nelson's Ridge here and Wildcat Woods here. Of course, they will have masks and gloves. 

Where is Crestview located?

We're currently located north on Tuttle Creek Blvd. by the spillway, but we're soon moving to 3940 Excel Road. For maps of both locations and some details about our church click here. Your family is always welcome to join us!

When will Crestview be relocating? 

Right now we have plans to relocate to the Green Valley area in February of 2021.